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Tree Line, Rocky Mountain National Park, June 2004

Tree Line, Rocky Mountain National Park, June 2004
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Above treeline refers to the altitudes on mountain slopes above which trees do not grow.  Above treeline is the domain of alpine tundra where the wind blows eternally, the air is crisp, and the vistas are perpetual and perpetually changing.  There is a sense of solitary calm mixed with exhilaration.

The boundary between alpine forest and alpine tundra is often populated by the Bristlecone Pine, the longest-lived organism on Earth. This pine is the Above Tree Line Images site logo. The oldest Bristlecone is named Methuselah and boasts a calculated age of 4,767 years.

The images presented on this site include landscapes, abstracts, and wildlife from the North American, South American, and European continents.  Mountains, streams, flora, fauna, historical and cultural sites are all featured in the Portfolio images.  Travel Images include those photos that are not included in the Portfolios. Site content is updated on a regular basis, so please return to find new images. In fact, the most current photographs are always located in the New Images gallery.  Please enjoy a journey above tree line.

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