Tree Line, Rocky Mountain National Park, June 2004

Inverse Black and White Self-Portraits, Florencia Bay, B.C., Canada, August 2003
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I have been a photographer since 1973. My father dabbled in photography from the late 40's through the late 60's and I began dabbling when he quit. My early work was almost entirely black and white (B&W).   During this time, I developed and printed all of my own images.  Most of my work through the 70's is 220-format B&W landscapes and abstracts. From the late 80's to the present, I have been working with color. Until 2000, I was dependent on labs to a large extent to develop and print my images.  However, in 2000, I bought my first digital camera. For me, the experience was akin to my introduction to the personal computer, a new venue for exploration.

I recently retired. However, like most of my paths, this too is winding.  I began working for a living as a pedant, teaching regular students, special education students, and gifted students ranging from grade school age to adults.  Subsequently, I began working as an engineer, writing software for air traffic control systems. I hope to explore one more part-time career if my volunteerism leaves me time and energy.  If you would like to contact me, please use the integrated email by clicking the Contact link at the bottom of each of the site web pages.