Tree Line, Rocky Mountain National Park, June 2004

Black and White Self-Portraits, Florencia Bay, B.C., Canada, August 2003
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From 1973-1987, my primary camera was a 1940's vintage Mamiyaflex 220 twin lens camera. I appreciated the medium format and have never been able to calibrate any other camera as precisely or as easily with my Sekonic light meter.  I also used an Olympus 100 35mm SLR with a 55mm lense for convenience.  In 1977, I bought a Calumet 4x5 monorail view camera and a convertible Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar 135 mm lens with a Copal shutter.  I lugged this camera through forests and over mountains for four years. But though I treasured the image resolution and tonal flow, I could not afford a more transportable view camera nor the lenses required to do the work I aspired to.  In 1979, I found a Zeiss-Ikon 6x9 cm bellows camera with an uncoated lens at a garage sale. Great optics, but I always had difficulty with the uncoated lens.  During this time, almost all of my work was black and white (BW).

In 1987, I bought a Canon 10s 35mm SLR.  This was my primary camera from 1987-2000.  I enjoyed the ability to switch from pure manual to different degrees of automation and the fine optics.  I also shifted progressively from BW to color starting at this time. Over the years, I accumulated several lenses for this camera.

In October , 2000, I purchased an Olympus 3030.  This was my first digital camera and quickly became my primary camera. With this camera, I began to explore the differences between film and digital. Though a fine camera to begin this exploration, this camera provided neither the flexibility nor the resolution I wanted.  In October, 2002, I switched to Canon DSLRs. I started with a D60, switched to a 20D, and now use the Canon 5D series for most work.  I've also purchased scanners to convert my film work though this has proven to be a slow process partly due to the amount of film to convert and partly due to a desire to keep moving forward rather than salvaging the past.


From 1973-1987, almost all of my work was B&W. I processed all of these negatives and printed the final images.  From 1975-1977, I did a great deal of work with recording film. I used this media to eliminate textures and concentrate on light and form.  In terms of other types of negative film, I've run the gamut from very slow films to recording film from Kodak, Ilford, and Fuji. In terms of printing, I have also used a variety of films including variable contrast from this same set of manufacturers though Ilford was my default print film.

In 1987, I began to shoot color images. I used a variety of Kodak and Fuji films and essentially relied on labs to process the negatives and print the images.


I currently use a Canon PIXMA Pro9500 printer with Lucia pigment ink and print primarily on Canson Infinity Baryta paper.